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All of our products have been designed and developed by off road enthusiast Joseph D Sgroi, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineer.

Sgroi Innovations was founded in 2014 by Joe and his father Sal.  Joe was born with a passion for powersports. He has been riding dirt bikes and ATV’s since 5 years old, repairing them since 12 and selling rebuilds by the time he was only 16!  He took his passion for the sport along with his engineering background to create his first manual 4WD conversion kit for a Kawasaki Brute Force.  Since then, dozens products have been sold under the Knight Powersports Products brand.

Joe carefully designs, develops and tests all Knight Powersports Products. We have numerous new products in development at all times. Each one is carefully considered, designed, prototyped, tested, proven, and guaranteed. Once we are completely satisfied the new product meets our high standards it is added to our product line.  We strive to provide you with the best quality, reliability and service to always keep you riding!

We are proud to say that our products are currently in use on vehicles in all of the United States, all of Canada's provinces, Australia, New Zealand, Lithuania, Germany, Romania, Serbia, Norway, Sweden, Ireland, Russia, Greenland, Guam, and more.

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We Guarantee you will not be disappointed.

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