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Knight ATV powersports resellers are more than sellers; they're integral members of the ATV community. With expert knowledge of Knight ATV's latest innovations, they provide personalized guidance to customers. Offering a diverse range of products and unwavering support, resellers ensure satisfaction beyond the point of sale. Choosing a Knight ATV product through an authorized reseller means investing in quality and a lasting partnership on your off-road journey

Available to Every Authorized Reseller 

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Dedicated Support Team

Access to the Knight ATV support team, offering personalized assistance and in-depth product knowledge. Get answers to your questions, troubleshoot any concerns, and enhance your understanding of our product lineup.

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Exclusive Product Releases

Be at the forefront of industry innovation with exclusive access to early product releases. Stay ahead of the competition by integrating the latest Knight ATV offerings into your inventory, giving you a strategic advantage in meeting customer demands.

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Social Media Exposure 

Leverage our robust social media presence for enhanced brand exposure. Benefit from shoutouts and features on our official channels, reaching a broader audience and establishing your reseller brand as a trusted player in the powersports community.

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Association with Industry Leader

Build brand loyalty by aligning your business with the Knight ATV name, an industry leader in the powersports domain. The association with a recognized and reputable brand enhances your credibility, instills trust in your customers, and sets you apart as a preferred reseller. 

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Brand Recognition and Trust 

Benefit from the strong reputation of Knight ATV to enhance your brand recognition and trustworthiness. Being affiliated with a respected industry leader communicates to your customers that you offer quality products and reliable service.

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Marketing Support

Partner with our marketing team to personalize business strategies, gain access to dynamic marketing materials for social media and your website, and receive valuable insights on upcoming trends. We're committed to not only providing exceptional products but also assisting you in driving success and making informed decisions.

Start your journey as a Knight ATV Authorized Reseller 

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As a Bronzed Member, you enjoy an exclusive 15% discount on all Knight ATV products. This initial tier sets the foundation for your reseller journey, providing immediate savings on your inventory.

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Elevate your reseller status to Silver, unlocking an enhanced 20% discount on all Knight ATV products. This tier recognizes your growing commitment to the Knight ATV community and rewards you with increased savings.

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Reach the pinnacle of reseller achievement with Gold Status, entitling you to an impressive 25% discount on all Knight ATV products. But that's not all—experience the added luxury of personalized Knight ATV products tailored to match your company's identity. Imagine exclusive items adorned with your logo, creating a reseller experience as unique as your business

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