Fender Speaker Kit - Can-Am Renegade, Housings Only

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Fender Speaker Kit - Can-Am Renegade

Housings Only, No speakers or amplifier or wiring

What is it? 

Introducing our new innovative speaker housings for your Can-Am Renegade ATV! Custom sized speaker housings fit perfectly snug on your OEM fender plastics.  Sold as a complete speaker kit with all necessary components to install on the vehicle.  Or you can purchase the unloaded speaker housings and build your own speaker kit. (These speaker housings fit 6.5" speakers)


2007 through 2024 Renegade 500/570/800/850/1000

This kit will fit ALL Renegades! Including XMR

Select your kit:

  • Unloaded Housings Kit:
    • (2) Speaker Housings with waterproof on/off switch
    • Mounting Hardware

Unique Features:

  • Custom fit.  Laser scanned and 3D modeled specifically for this ATV fender plastics.
  • Full speaker kits comes with all necessary wiring to make it plug and play.
  • LED option can always be added later. All speakers now come with the LED's. If you do not select the LED option and want it later you can purchase the controller, remote and wiring separately.

Installation: (After you buy your speakers and amplifier)

  1. First, look at the "MP3 Player Parts Bag", these wires are only needed if you are not using Bluetooth from your phone. Disregard them if you are using your phone to control music and volume.
  2. Place the left speaker housing (the one with the amplifier mounted inside it) on the left fender so that it sits flush against the surface, slide it around until you feel it set into its perfect location. 
  3. Drill 4 holes into the fender for the mounting bolts, don't bolt it on yet.
  4. After that, notice where the wires will be, about center but a little lower than the speaker. Drill a hole near the bottom center of the speaker housing for the wiring harnesses.
  5. Push all the wires through and then mount the speaker housing to the fender. DO NOT over tighten the bolts to secure the housing to the fender plastic.
  6. Run the wires for the other speaker (and LED if purchased) to the right speaker. Somewhere along the front of the quad, keep the wires away from moving and hot parts. Wait to secure these with cable ties until after the speakers are fully installed and tested.
  7. Line up the right speaker housing on the right fender. Drill the same holes as the left side.
  8. Push the wires from the left side through that center hole and connect the wires to the speaker.
  9. Bolt the speaker to the fender, DO NOT over tighten the bolts.
  10. Run the Black and Red wire from the left speaker to your battery, connect the red wire to positive and black wire to negative.
  11. Turn it on and connect Bluetooth and test LED's (if purchased)
  12. Fasten all the wiring away from moving and hot parts using cable ties. Use duct tape or silicone to fill in around the holes that the wires come out of.
  13. Done! Go ride and enjoy!
  • Full installation video:

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