Belt Light Reset Connector - Belt Light/Limp Mode Reset Connector for Brute Force, Prairie, Twin Peaks

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Belt Light Reset Connector

  • Includes
    • Belt light reset connector
  • Fits
    • All Brute Force, Prairie 650 and Twin Peaks 700
    • Replaces OEM part number 46066-0001
  • Description
    • Lost your OEM reset connector?? This is what you need!
    • This connector is a direct replacement for the OEM reset connector that is supposed to be under your seat, but probably got lost! Store it in your ATV so that you have it when you are deep in the woods and your belt light goes of and puts you in the dreaded limp mode.
    • Purchase our Sure 4 manual 4x4 conversion kit and KEBC delete kit to bypass limp mode completely!
  • Installation
    • All of our kits are plug and play.
    • Simply store the connector on your ATV for when you need to reset your belt light.
    • Check out our video below to see how to reset your belt light!

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