Brute Force - Prairie Sure 4 Manual 2WD 4WD Actuator Kit

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Brute Force - Prairie Sure 4 Manual 2WD/4WD Actuator Kit

  • Fits:¬†
    • All Brute Force / KVF / Prairie / 2004 Suzuki Twin Peaks LT-V700F
    • Replaces OEM part numbers¬†16172-0039 & 16172-0037
  • Includes:
    • Sure 4 Manual Actuator
    • Hand lever¬†
    • Mounting hardware
    • Pull Cable with O-ring
  • Description:¬†
    • This kit will get your 4WD working again no matter what! It eliminates all electronics required for your 4WD. The Sure 4 manual actuator replaces your faulty electronic actuator.¬† Our Sure 4 is controlled with the supplied hand lever and pull cable.¬† Simply squeeze the hand lever and press the tab to lock into 4WD.¬† Squeeze the lever again to release the locking tab to return to 2WD.¬† Functional, reliable, and comes with a limited life-time guarantee!
    • If you want your display lights to work you need our KEBC Delete Wire Harness, check out the Sure 4 Combo and save $$$!
  • Installation:
    • All of our products are completely plug and play, no cutting, no drilling and no splicing wires!¬† Check out the installation video below. ¬†

      Installation Video:                                           


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