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Control Switches Box - with Light Bar Switch, Winch Switch, USB Port & More

Control Switches Box - with Light Bar Switch, Winch Switch, USB Port & More

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Control Switches Box

  • Fits:
    • Any ATV with similar OEM controller housing
      • Select Makes/Models (Make selection in drop down menu)
  • Includes:
    • Control Switches Box
    • Choke Lever (Depending on make and model)
    • Parts Bag with connectors, stickers, and hardware
  • Description:
    • One place for all your OEM and Accessories control switches. No more switches stuck all over your handlebars or anywhere else on your ATV. Neat, clean, efficient and most of all FUNCTIONAL!  
    • Key features include:
      • 3 Position light switch (off, low beam, and high beam + light bar)
      • Integrated winch control switch that is located right next to your thumb. 
      • Momentary yellow push button that can be used for a horn or anything else. 
      • Latching black push button that can be used for reverse override or anything else.
      • USB port for charging any device
      • Choke Lever (for select models only)
  • Installation:
    • Click here for written instructions 
    • All of our products are completely plug and play, no cutting, no drilling and no splicing wires!  Remove your OEM controller and replace it with our Control Switches box.  Plug your OEM connectors into our controller, use the connectors provided to attach any accessories to our controller and DONE!  For more detailed instructions please refer to the videos below. For a copy of the written instructions, please click here

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
The instructions are lacking

The switches are okay. I'm disappointed in the lack of tidyness. I was expecting there to be an enclosure for the circuit board, for $100 I was surprised to see it was just a jumble of wires and a circuit board that you're just supposed to pack into the light pod. The instructions were also confusing. The wording doesn't make sense, it's like someone did voice to text of someone explaining how to install it. This product should come with a schematic, not an essay. I'm an experienced mechanic by trade, I was able to sort out the mess, but the instructions were of no value.


Absolutely love it. Exactly how it looks. Feels great and looks stock. Helped tidy up my hand bars with all the buttons and switches in one spot.


It’s a good product I got one before just had a mess up with in on my end so I got another


It’s an awesome product but I messed up the installation so I’m gonna have to order a replacement


Absolutely Love it Puts every switch on the handlebar. Well constructed and functional. As always from Sgroi aka Knight power sports.