Fender Speaker Kit - Arctic Cat

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Fender Speaker Kit - Arctic Cat




2006- 400 manual

2007-400 automatic

2008-400 automatic

2010-450, 550 H1, 550 H1, 650 4x4 automatic

2011-450, 550, 550 H1, 650 H1

2012-450, 550, 650

2013-500, 550






What is it? 

Introducing our new innovative speaker housings for your Arctic Cat! Custom sized speaker housings fit perfectly snug on your OEM fender plastics.  Sold as a complete speaker kit with all necessary components to install on the vehicle.  Or you can purchase the unloaded speaker housings and build your own speaker kit. (These speaker housings fit 6.5" speakers)

Select your kit:

  • Unloaded Housings Kit:
    • (2) Speaker Housings with waterproof on/off switch
    • Mounting Hardware
    • You must select NO for the RBG LED lights with this option.
  • Water Resistant Complete Speaker Kit:
    • (2) 6.5" Marine Speakers
    • (1) Marine amplifier (Bluetooth accessible or aux wire ready)
    • Mounting Hardware
    • Waterproof on off switch with red LED light
    • All necessary wiring to make it plug and play
  • Waterproof Submergible Complete Speaker Kit:
    • Complete Speaker Kit above except with a fully submergible amplifier and speakers. You can completely submerge this one, deep, for a long time, and it will keep working! 2 year warranty! 

Unique Features:

  • Custom fit.  Specifically designed for Can-Am Outlander fender plastics. 
  • Full speaker kits comes with all necessary wiring to make it plug and play.
  • Our purchase the housings only, they include the switch mounted in them, then get the amp and speakers you want!


  • Installation is simple. Place the speaker housing on the fenders that they sits flush against the surface. Mark and drill holes into the fender for the bolts provided.  Drill a hole for the speaker wiring harness. Tighten the bolts to secure the housing to the fender plastic. DONE!
  • Full installation video coming soon - however check out how easy the Outlander installation is!

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