Prairie 360 Belt Light Bypass with KEBC Wire Harness and Hole Cover Kit

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Prairie 360 Belt Light Bypass with KEBC and Hole Cover Kit

  • Fits:
    • 2002-2006 Prairie 360 and any model with 5 pin gray & black connectors under the gas tank
    • **Please note that if you have a 2007 model & up that you do not¬†need the Belt Light Bypass (unless your vehicle has a 5 pin connector)**
    • Replaces OEM part number¬†41085-0003
  • Includes:
    • Prairie 360 Belt Light Bypass Kit
    • KEBC Delete Wire Harness
    • Aluminum Hole Cover Kit
    • 6 Pin Connector Plug
  • Description:
    • Get your Prairie 360 out of limp mode once and for all!
    • From years 2002-2006, Kawasaki made the Prairie 360's with a 4WD light that has a built in memory chip.¬† Once that memory is full, you will have to replace your 4WD light and you will be stuck in limp mode.
    • Our Prairie 360 Belt Light Bypass Kit replaces the OEM belt light switch.
    • The KEBC Delete with Hole Cover Combo allows you to remove your Kawasaki Engine Brake Control (KEBC).¬† Your engine will perform normally and you will no longer go into limp mode again!
    • Aluminum hole cover kit replaces the KEBC actuator housing to prevent any intake of water or mud.
  • Installation:
    • Plug and Play design allows for easy installation.¬† Once installed you can choose to leave your KEBC actuator on your vehicle, or remove it altogether.¬† Check out our installation video below for step by step instructions.¬†¬†CLICK HERE for printable Installation Instructions!¬†

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