Suzuki Twin Peaks KEBC Delete

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Suzuki Twin Peaks KEBC Delete

  • Fits:¬†
    • All Brute Force / Prairie / 2004 Suzuki Twin Peaks LT-V700F
  • Includes:
    • KEBC Delete Wire Harness
    • 6 Pin Connector Plug
    • Belt Switch Bypass
  • Description:
    • Our KEBC Delete wire harness allows you to remove your Kawasaki Engine Brake Control (KEBC).¬† Your engine will perform normally and you will no longer go into limp mode again!
    • Plug and Play design allows for easy installation.¬† Once installed, you can choose to leave your KEBC actuator on your vehicle, or remove it altogether.
    • This kit is also a must have for your display lights to function properly with any of our manual conversion kits!¬† Without it, your display lights will not function.
    • Our Belt Switch Bypass Kit is now included with this kit for FREE!
      • This will bypass the belt switch which is a common failure print and puts your ATV in limp mode.¬† No more limp mode!
  • Installation:
    • All of our products are completely plug and play, no cutting, no drilling and no splicing wires!¬† Simply take your seat off, find the 4WD control box, plug our adapter into the box and then plug the OEM connector into our adapter.¬† DONE!¬† On 2012 and newer vehicles, the 4WD control box is located under the front fender plastics.

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